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Don't Waste Your Vote

Don't waste your vote on the Labour Party. The vast majority of its members are people of integrity and honour who act in accordance with their beliefs and will continue to do so after the election. They will never abandon their socialist belief that the government has a duty to look after everybody all the time. They will never get tired of passing more and more laws to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to become a criminal. They will never stop using slogans instead of rational arguments, and they will never reduce taxes.

Don't waste your vote on the Conservative Party. They have forgotten that life belongs to God and wages belong to the people who earned them. In addition, their leaders appear to have abandoned reason. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, they have decided that old fashioned state monopolies in education and health care can be made to work and will therefore be safe in their hands.

Before the election, they will both say that voting for them is the only way to defeat the other major party. After the election they will both say that the low number of votes cast for third parties shows that no one supports the policies of the third parties.

The only way to waste your vote is by voting for a candidate you do not really support. We ask you to be true to yourself by voting for the candidate you actually want.

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