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We will secure legislation that confers the full protection of the law on all human life from the one cell embryo stage until natural death. In particular, we will repeal the 1967 Abortion Act and outlaw all abortion, except when the baby's death is brought about indirectly as a side effect of essential medical treatment for the mother.

Affirmative Action

Has now been discussed for so many years that it cannot be ignored, but respect for the dignity of the individual absolutely demands that we oppose it. Discrimination in favour of women or ethnic groups is no more morally licit than discrimination against them.


It must be recognised that government bureaucracy, inheritance tax, and capital gains tax are strangling agriculture, but we do not yet have policies in this area. Nonetheless, it is clear that family farms will benefit from our firm commitment to abolish inheritance tax.


The defence of the realm is necessary for the common good and is a legitimate function of national government.


The education of our young is vital to our progress. Parents and local educators, not faceless bureaucrats, must chart our children's course. Continual tinkering with the education system must cease and genuine choice, including home schooling and faith schools, should be offered to parents. Education vouchers are the obvious way forward, and experience in America has shown that they are particularly effective in deprived inner city areas.

Electoral Reform

Needs quite a lot of thought. Proportional representation does not enhance the dignity of the individual voter and it severely demeans the dignity of candidates. Perhaps it is time to re-examine Harold Wilson's decision to put the name of the party on the ballot paper, the extremely low limits on the amount candidates can spend, and the fact that national advertising is not counted as part of that spend.


We are not convinced that the use of solar power in this country is feasible on a large scale, and we are not happy at the prospect of coast-to-coast wind farms. The only truly sustainable source of energy discovered so far is atomic fusion, and we have not yet discovered how to harness it. We will support research in this area and will seriously consider a new program of building conventional nuclear plants to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.


We have an obligation to be good stewards of this ancient land, and we all have an interest in maintaining clean air and water, but the evidence in favour of global warming is less convincing than the evidence that unborn children are the young of the human species.


Vivamus is a pro-life political party. We are completely and utterly opposed to euthanasia, and will repeal any legislation that passes into law before we achieve power.

Foreign Aid

As the response to the great tsunami of 2004 showed, Britons are second to none when it comes to helping the victims of misfortune. They do not need a government pamphlet telling them how to open their wallets, nor do they need to be threatened with imprisonment if they fail to meet some minimal level of giving. Foreign Aid is the responsibility of society, not the responsibility of the government.

Foreign Policy

Protecting our citizens from terrorist attacks is a legitimate function of government.

Freedom of Speech

Our current laws have almost brought us to the point of making it illegal for people of faith to say that homosexual behaviour is immoral whilst allowing others to corrupt our children with a flood of pornography. It is time to redress the balance.

Health Care

It is the duty of the state to provide a minimal healthcare service to those who can in no other way afford it, but it is time to recognise that the National Health Service doesn't work because it cannot work. The concept of providing health care that is free at the point of use is the sort of Marxist nonsense that contributed much to the economic collapse of Soviet Russia. Our plan is to switch to an insurance-based system for all persons born after one particular (still to be decided) date, and we will use the resources of government to ease the transition.


Actions have consequences. In this country we have a rapidly ageing population because the birth rate is well below the replacement rate and falling. We need 180,000 immigrants a year just to replace the babies killed in our abortion clinics and prevent the economic consequences of demographic collapse.


Life is a gift from God, and the scope of a pro-life party is considerably wider than just being opposed to abortion. Life is worth living when you are resident in the womb, when you are at your last gasp, and all the time in between. We would rather look at beauty from afar than exist in a grey and dismal socialist paradise where everyone lives in equal squalor and catches an equal number of new diseases whenever they visit a hospital.


Motorists are just as human as the rest of us. Like everyone else they suffer from occasional lapses of concentration which cause them to lock themselves out of their own house, get on a train without their season ticket, and arrive at work without something they meant to put in their pocket.

If they are guilty of careless driving, it is morally wrong to punish them differently according to the unintended consequences of their mistake, and we shall ensure that this is reflected in the law.

We also intend to reduce the tax on petrol.

Public Service Broadcasting

We intend to abolish the Television License fee.

Re-distribution of wealth

Small-scale redistribution of wealth is necessary for the common good, but it can and will destroy the prosperity of the entire nation if it is used as an instrument of class warfare. We will not permit this to happen.


We will de-regulate petty restrictions to the freedom of the individual, while keeping a strong stance on harmful drugs. We do appreciate that this may mean withdrawal from the European Union.

Social Security

The current system of harassing the unemployed should stop because respect for the dignity of the individual demands the assumption that they are actively seeking work if they say that this is the case. We propose a lifetime entitlement of a few years unemployment pay deemed to be the property of the individual concerned. If there is any of it left when they reach retirement age, it will be given to them as a lump sum.


In order to help people who attempt to commit suicide, it is necessary for suicide to be a crime. Once people are convicted of attempted suicide, they can be given the necessary medical help without having to prove them insane.


The British are renowned for their sense of fair play, but it is nowhere in evidence when you look at inheritance tax and income tax. If it is right to take 40% or 50% tax from the rich, it is right to take it from the rest of us.

A uniform tax rate means that someone whose taxable income is 3 times greater than yours pays 3 times as much tax. It is simple, it is fair, and it is based on respect for the dignity of the individual. This method is called flat taxation.

A progressive tax rate means that someone whose taxable income is 3 times greater than yours pays about 10 times as much tax. This method, which is currently endorsed by both major political parties, is not simple, it is not fair, and it is based on the outmoded socialist ideals that New Labour have allegedly abandoned.

Income Tax: In accordance with the recommendations of the Cato Institute (An American think-tank) we propose a flat tax rate of 20%, regardless of the source of your income. We will also reinstate the married couples allowance at a level that encourages traditional family life.

Value Added Tax: Will remain unchanged.

Other Purchase Taxes: Some products, such as petrol, generate more revenue for the government than they generate for those who extracted the raw materials, processed them into a saleable product, and established a nationwide distribution network. We will cap these taxes at 200% with a view to reducing them to the normal VAT rate as soon as possible.

Inheritance Tax: We propose to abolish this profoundly anti-family tax.

Windfall Taxes: Will be abolished.

Other Taxes: We will review all other taxes with a view to reducing or eliminating them if possible, but our policies in this area are still being developed with a view to easing the transition from tax based health care to insurance based health care.

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