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Individual Freedom

Individual freedom is based on respect for the dignity of adult individuals, who must be assumed to be motivated by a desire to avoid harming themselves. Individual freedom may legitimately be restricted to serve the common good, but government should avoid passing laws based on the assumption that people need protection from themselves.

Family Life

After the individual, the family is the smallest unit of society. Its rights and dignities must be protected against those who claim that families are something other than a man, a woman, and a lifelong commitment to each other. It is the responsibility of the parents to nurture and educate the children of the union, and help should be offered by the state to the parents because the children of today are the citizens of tomorrow.

Limited Government

Limited government is inherent in the concept of subsidiarity, which springs from the dignity of the individual. The most obvious limit to government power is that governments do not have the right to remove the protection of the law from any minority group, but it should also be noted that governments do not need to run the railways themselves in order to have a decent transport policy, nor do they need to run the schools in order to ensure that all children are educated.

National Sovereignty

The Nation State is the lowest possible level at which really major decisions can be taken. Like limited government, it is inherent in the concept of subsidiarity, which springs from the dignity of the individual.

Economic Patriotism

Because the common good depends on maintaining our prosperity and security, we support policies that protect our workers, reduce our trade deficit, and support our industries. Nonetheless, we also believe in free and fair bilateral trade agreements and will push for reciprocal partnerships with all nations that practice the same.

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